Only Pro Gaming community/server rules

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Only Pro Gaming community/server rules

Post by Super Joe on Wed May 27, 2015 6:25 pm

Only Pro Gaming Community/Server Rules


- Always respect each every other player, Disrespecting them can cause us to ban you long time to permanent.


- Porn Sprays or anything sprays are related to bad influence can cause you to short ban to long ban.

Listen to the Admins and Members!

- Please listen to what our members and admins said to you. If they said such racist things (Admins or Members) or even regular players, you may report it to us in Complains Section Smile


- Cheating will result in permanent ban directly!

Team Killing

- The server has friendly fire, if you team kill others on purpose, You will be cooled down for a long time^^

Our |O.p.G| Tag

- If you use our game clan tag and you are not a member nor admin, you will be cooled down for a bit weeks or days.

Reapeated Not following rules can cause you to have to be cooled down for a long time. So please follow the rules and be one of us.

Sincerely Yours,
The Only Pro Gaming Team

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